Local chef launches boutique catering company

By Lorne Chambers | Editor
Photo By Paul Cheney

Since graduating from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in 2008, Folly Beach resident Jessica Cobb has worked in just about every part of a restaurant — front of the house, back of the house. She was the executive Chef of a downtown restaurant, a catering manager, and can still be found slinging beers down at the Sand Dollar Social Club.

While she’s worked literally every position in the F&B world, she has always done it for someone else … until now.

Cobb recently launched her dream of running her own catering company with Some Like It Hot, a boutique, personal chef service and catering business. With every event Cobb says her goal is to personalize the experience for the client. It’s something larger catering companies aren’t able to do.

“When I sit down with them, I want to know ‘the story,’” she says. “Because that’s what’s fun about catering — it’s always a celebration of some kind and I want to make it special for people. It’s my passion and I love doing it, so I want to make it as personal and professional for people.”

Some Like It Hot can make specialized menus, offer creative food choices, wine pairings, and more. While a lot of what she does is wedding-focused, Cobb says she can do just about any event and any kind of food. “Being in the south, a lot of people want that kind of food. But I’m French trained, so I can a lot of different things,” says Cobb.

With fall wedding season coming quick, Cobb knows she has a busy couple months ahead of her. But in the meantime, she has found a way to fill in the gaps during the hotter summer months when there tends to be less weddings or other parties.

Since June she has had an arrangement with Sunset Cay Marina to provide pre-packaged Some Like It Hot food for its ship store, which is also a popular gathering place for locals, who arrive by land or water.

Cobb has been making two deliveries a week to keep the coolers stocked at Sunset Cay with things like sandwiches and wraps, dips (pimento cheese, roasted garlic hummus, buffalo chicken dip), boiled peanuts, and potato and pasta salad. “I’m doing a lot of stuff that’s easy to take on the boat or people can eat it right there on site too,” says Cobb.

According to Cobb, she would like to start doing more personal chef dinners for people visiting Folly Beach. “I feel like everything is really personalized with what we do, so that would be something that could be really special for someone who is visiting from out of town and renting a house out here.”

For more information about Some Like It Hot, call (706) 716-9606 or visit www.somelikeithotllc.com.

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