City kicks off commemorative brick fundraiser

Special to The Current

The City of Folly Beach has been working for about six months on plans to beautify Center Street. While no major alterations are planned, several small improvements are being put into place to give the Folly Beach corridor a little more curb appeal.

One of these is the commemorative brick fundraiser program. Later this year, the City will install brick pavers between the Center Street sidewalks and curbing, and has invited the public to buy a brick to support the cause. The engraved bricks will begin to be installed in late 2015, and brick purchase donations will help fund the continuation of the Center Street beautification project.

The City is encouraging residents to take part in enhancing the charm of the community, while helping to beautify Folly Beach in a way that will shape our future, and acknowledge the island’s past. “With your involvement and dedication, many will walk upon and enjoy the charm and beauty of the area for generations to come,” the City’s website reads. “This is your opportunity to be a permanent part of that history!”

The website says this is a great     opportunity to commemorate a special event in someone’s life, or honor a friend or family member. You can totally customize your message. So let’s get creative, people (within the bounds of good taste, of course).

The bricks come in two sizes: 4×8-inch, with a maximum of three lines and 18 characters for $75; and 8×8-inch inches, with a maximum six lines and 36 characters for $150.

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