Monday, June 1

Buried Treasure

The Responding Officer met with a woman near Third Block East around 11:30 p.m. The 25-year-old Lawrenceville, Georgia woman said she had lost her engagement ring on the beach. She claimed to have seen it on her hand while walking in the sand, but then she stopped and took the ring off, dropped it, then couldn’t find it in the sand. The ring is made of yellow gold with white gold prongs and set with a 1.5-karat diamond. She gave her contact information to the officer in case someone turned it in.

Friday, June 5

Down at the New Amsterdam

The R/O was dispatched to the Kangaroo station around 2 a.m. to back up another officer who had tried to hail a vehicle to pull over while on foot. The R/O stopped the car and approached the 20-year-old female driver and 20-year-old female passenger. The officer told them the reason for the stop then asked to see a driver’s license. The girl said it was in her trunk. The officer and driver walked back to the trunk, and the subject opened it and retrieved her license. While the trunk was open, the R/O observed a partially consumed bottle of New Amsterdam vodka. The R/O issued the driver, who had claimed the alcohol, a citation for Underage Possession of Liquor and advised her of her court date.

Monday, June 8

Mail Fraud Switcharoo

The R/O was dispatched to an East Ashley Avenue residence around 9 a.m. in reference to a case of credit card fraud. The 73-year-old male victim said he had received a letter from Citi Bank thanking him for applying for a credit card. The victim said he hadn’t applied for a card. A few days later, two cards arrived in his P.O. Box, one in his name, the other in the name of a man he didn’t know. Later that same day, Citi called the victim and reported a man with the name of the unknown suspect had called to ask that the cards be sent to a different address in Chicago Heights. The victim said he had not lost any money yet, and was advised to keep an eye on his credit.

Tuesday, June 9

The Gravity of This Crime is Slightly Inflated

The R/O was dispatched to the Treasure Island beach store on Folly Road around 1:30 a.m. in reference to a burglary. Upon arrival, he observed the front glass door had been broken, and a golf club, which had apparently been used to break it, was just inside the door. The R/O and another officer made entry into the building to check for suspects but found none. During the investigation, it was discovered the main power switch to the building had been turned off. Several pairs of sunglasses appeared to be missing from the racks, and the R/O noted there were two orange blow-up rafts that had been there during his patrol of the lot at midnight were also missing. The Folly Beach Public Safety Crime Scene Unit arrived at 2:30 a.m. and began collecting evidence and dusting for fingerprints. The manager was told to contact Public Safety after they had done a proper inventory, and also inform them if they could think of any leads.

Tuesday, June 9

The Best Nose in Town

The R/O was on routine patrol at the intersection of Center Street and East Ashley around 4:15 p.m. when he saw a black Crown Victoria drive by and, as it passed, smelled marijuana. The officer allowed the vehicle to pass, but it came back by him a few minutes later and he smelled marijuana again. The officer watched the vehicle turn into The Tides parking lot and approached. During the interview, the 37-year-old male subject admitted to having a small amount of marijuana in a backpack in the back seat. The subject turned the contraband over. The officer issued the subject a citation for Simple Possession and let him go. The officer notes, “the marijuana was tested at FBPS with positive results and it weighed 0.1g.”

Friday, June 12

Pot Bust

The R/O was dispatched to a West Ashley Avenue residence around 10 p.m. Upon arrival, he met with a 41-year-old woman who said someone had driven into her yard and smashed a “valuable planter pot” at her residence. The officer observed tire tracks leading into the yard and up to the broken pot. The victim was unable to provide any additional information on possible suspects.

Tuesday, June 16

Be Nice. Until It’s Time to Not Be Nice

Around 10:30 p.m. the R/O was standing on the balcony of the Ocean Front Villas when he heard a male voice being loud in the direction of West Arctic Avenue. He looked down to observe a man yelling at a woman and swinging his arms up in the air. The officer moved on foot to investigate and located the couple near the corner of Second Street West. As he approached, the officer saw the man sitting on the side of the road and the woman standing over him telling him to get up. The man then got up and walked into the middle of the street, the woman followed him and was attempting to drag him out of the lane of traffic. The stopped the couple for an interview. The 22-year-old male subject stated he didn’t have to talk to the officer and refused to hand over identification. The woman kept telling the subject to “shut his mouth and cooperate.” The R/O told the subject he had witnessed him being disorderly and also noticed the man appeared to be drunk. The officer informed the subject he wanted to help him calm down and would let his girlfriend take him home if he would cooperate. The subject did calm down, was handed back his ID and allowed to leave. As he was leaving, the subject stepped into the officer, brushing his arm, and said loudly, “F*** you, mother f*****.” The R/O grabbed the subject’s arm to arrest him, and felt the man tense up. At that moment the officer took the subject to the ground and placed him under arrest for Disorderly Conduct.

Thursday, June 18

What a Pissah!

A call came into the FBPS dispatch around 2 a.m. from a man saying he had just woken up “somewhere on Folly Beach” and that he knew he had been assaulted at a certain West Cooper bar. The man said he was walking back to the bar to meet with police then hung up. The R/O was dispatched to the bar to investigate. Upon arrival, he met with the bar’s 28-year-old male bouncer who said he was the one that had been assaulted. He said the subject, a 31-year-old Charleston man had been in the bar highly intoxicated and causing problems. At some point, the subject started an altercation with a patron. The bouncer moved in to eject the subject from the building, but the man refused to leave, bracing himself against the doorframe. The subject then cracked a beer bottle over the bouncer’s head causing a laceration. The bouncer grabbed ahold of the man and the two went to the floor. As they hit the floor the subject passed out and urinated on himself and the floor. As the bouncer was getting his bearings, he saw unknown people walking the subject out. The bouncer declined medical treatment and declined to press charges. 

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