beach blotterSunday, July 5 | A Drink to Old Friends
The Responding Officer (R/O) was traveling northbound on Folly Road around 3:40 a.m. when he observed a vehicle ahead of him veer off the side of the road. He activated his blue lights and pulled the car over. The officer approached the 21-year-old female subject and saw she had bloodshot eyes and smelled like alcohol. The subject said she had been at several bars on Folly Beach, that she believed it was 1 or 2 a.m., and that she had had her first drink at “8, 9, or 10.” The subject also said she had been on a yacht all day (July 4) and had gotten into a fight with her best friend who had told her they were no longer best friends. The officer administered a field sobriety test, which the subject failed. She was arrested for Suspicion of Drunk Driving and taken to the station. After several attempts to get a Breathalyzer test result, the subject eventually blew a 0.13 around 5 a.m. She was arrested for DUI and taken to the county jail.

Wednesday, July 8 | Kicked in the Butt By Love
The R/O was standing on Center Street around 3 a.m. when he was approached by a man and a woman. The man said he was “just obviously intoxicated,” but he had also been assaulted. The subject was walking with a limp and had a scratch on his arm. He said he didn’t need medical attention but wanted his assailant arrested. The subject (age unknown) said a 23-year-old male had pushed him, picked him, up and slammed him on the ground moments earlier on Center Street, then assaulted him again on East Huron. The R/O notes it was very difficult for the subject to get his story out due to his high level of intoxication. The man eventually decided not to press charges.

The officer turned to the 28-year-old female subject, who said the man had it all wrong. She said she dated the subject until a week earlier, and that she and the man accused of assaulting him had been hanging out together on Folly all night. The subject saw them together and became jealous and wouldn’t stop following them around all night. Eventually the two men exchanged words and a physical confrontation broke out wherein her date had picked up her ex-boyfriend and dropped him on the ground. The subject was advised that if he wanted to make a report, he should come by the police station when he was sober.

Saturday, July 11 | Smoked Out
The R/O was on routine patrol around 3 a.m. in the first block of West Ashley Avenue when he observed a parked vehicle with the lights on and engine running. As he approached the vehicle, he observed a man passed out in the driver’s seat. He also observed in the 26-year-old subject’s lap, a plastic bag containing a green, leafy substance. The officer roused the man and helped him out of the vehicle. The subject was unsteady on his feet and appeared to be intoxicated. The officer also found two glass pipes on the subject, who was arrested and charged with Simple Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and Disorderly Conduct.

Sunday, July 12 | “Who wants to get high?”
The R/O was dispatched to a West Erie residence around 3 a.m. in reference to loud music. Upon arrival, he could hear the music from as much as 500 feet away. As he and another officer approached the home, they saw a group of men hanging out in the area under the elevated house. Both officers observed from the street a male in a pink shirt that looked to be rolling a cigarette. The subject then stated, “who wants to get high?” The officers approached the man and saw him holding what appeared to be a joint. The officer asked what it was and the man said, “that’s bad right?” The 28-year-old subject then handed the 1.3-gram joint over to the R/O, admitted it was marijuana and said he was sorry. The officers ran the man’s driver’s license, which came back clean. The subject said he was in town for a bachelor party. He was issued a citation for Simple Possession and given a court date.

Sunday, July 12 | Finally, a glass on the beach ticket!
The R/O was dispatched to the 7th Street East beachfront around 6:30 a.m. in reference to a beach violation. Upon arrival, he found several personal items on the cement divider on the beach. Upon further investigation, in plain sight, he saw a large glass Svedka bottle in a black plastic bag. While on scene a 21-year-old woman approached and claimed the items. Asked if she had a glass bottle with her, she said she did. The officer says he was unable to determine if the bottle was filled with an alcoholic beverage, due to the fact the liquid inside was not the usual color of vodka. The woman was issued a citation for Glass on the Beach and given a court date.

Sunday, July 12 | Drugs Stolt
A 65-year-old male entered Folly Beach Public Safety around 9 a.m. to report some of his drugs had been stolen. The man said unknown persons had stolen an orange pill bottle containing 90 pills of oxycodone. He said he kept the bottle hidden in a closet in his bedroom and no one should have known where they were. The subject was requesting a copy of the incident report to give to MUSC for a replacement prescription. The report was taken and the man was advised a copy of it would be available to him in five to seven days.

Sunday, July 12 | “Don’t Shoot, I’m Not Going to Hurt You”
The R/O was dispatched to a West Hudson residence around 9:15 p.m. in reference to a man banging on the front door and trying to get in. Upon arrival, the subject was gone, but the complainant gave a physical description. The R/O drove around the block and came upon a juvenile, who informed him there was a man down the street acting funny. The officer drove a little further to find the 26-year-old male subject stumbling down the street. As the officer approached, the man stumbled and almost fell onto the patrol car. The subject was disheveled and was slurring his speech. When the officer identified himself and asked the man to approach him, the subject threw up his hands and started yelling “don’t shoot, I’m not going to hurt you” over and over. The subject was arrested for Disorderly Conduct and taken to jail.

Monday, July 13 | Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
The R/O was dispatched to the Folly Beach Dog Park around 10:30 a.m. after a Public Works employee reported a man unconscious at the park. The officer approached the 35-year-old male subject and found him indeed unconscious with an open container of Twisted Tea malt beverage next to him. When the man came to, he admitted the alcohol was his. He was issued a citation for Open Container and taken by ambulance to Roper Hospital. The subject had two canines (a husky and a black lab mix) with him at the park. The dogs were taken briefly into custody, and dropped off at the subject’s family’s house on Folly.

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