beach blotterSunday, Oct. 4

Tired of Ongoing Issues
The Responding Officer (R/O) was dispatched to an East Huron residence around 10 p.m. in reference to a domestic disturbance. Upon arrival, the 48-year-old female subject had left the area. He met with the 51-year-old male victim who said he had been in a verbal confrontation with the subject, and he was “tired of the ongoing issue and wanted the suspect placed on trespass notice.” A trespass notice was filled out and submitted to both parties. The female subject was informed she would be subject to arrest if she returned to the house.

Sunday, Oct. 4
Possession of Brain Melter
The R/O was booking a 26-year-old female subject for DUI when he discovered four small baggies containing a brown colored substance on her person. The subject volunteered that the substance was “DMT” and said it was hers. DMT stands for dimethyltryptamine, and, according to the internet, is the most hardcore psychedelic drug known to man. The subject freely admitted to the officer DMT was a hallucinogen, and that it produces “the same thing your brain produces when you are born, die and are in a deep sleep. The packages were placed into evidence for testing and storage.

Wednesday, Oct. 7
Sticky Fingers
The R/O met with the 30-year-old male victim and his mother in the lobby of the Folly Beach Public Safety building. As he began questioning the victim, the mother did most of the talking. She said she was sitting in her parked car at the 5th Street East parking spot. Her son had gone to look out over the ocean. When he returned he got into the passenger side. As they sat there, an unknown male walked up to the car, stuck his hand in the open window, snatched the victim’s pill bottle and walked away. The man is described as a tan, white male with dark, curly, wind-blown hair, wearing black shorts and a blue shirt. The victim said the prescription was fairly new and contained 70-75 pills of 8 mg Dilaudid, a morphine-derived pain medication. The victim was issued a case number and advised.

Monday, Oct. 12
Sleepy Time
The R/O was dispatched to the area of 10th block and East Ashley Avenue in reference to a person sleeping in the road. Witnesses claimed the 20-year-old male suspect was wrapped in a blanket and sleeping in the roadway, and had almost been run over multiple times by vehicles. When the officer arrived, the man was still wrapped in a blanket and sitting on the side of the road next to a skateboard. The man was alert and oriented, and said he was staying on 2nd block. The subject was released.

Tuesday, Oct. 13
Like a Snoop Dogg Video
The R/O was on routine patrol along East Ashley Avenue around 1:30 a.m. when he passed a car parked in a driveway. As he passed, the officer observed the dome light was on and a female was holding a glass pipe to her mouth. The officer stopped his car and watched the 21-year-old subject take another hit. The R/O approached the vehicle, and knocked on the door. When the girl opened it, a cloud of marijuana smoke rushed out. The subject admitted she was smoking marijuana, and handed over the glass pipe. She said she didn’t have any more, and the officer observed the same. Although she didn’t have any ID, the officer was able to check her wanted status by her name and date-of-birth. Her name came back clean from the Tennessee DMV. She was issued a citation for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. She informed the officer she would be paying the fine and not coming back to court.

Tuesday, Oct. 13
Wandering Soon-to-be-Ex Boyfriend
The R/O was driving past a local convenient store around midnight when he saw a male and female in each other’s faces. The male looked up and yelled, “do you see this?” The officer then stopped to investigate. The 28-year-old male said the 28-year-old female would not leave him alone. He said they had been living together for the last few months, but he wanted to break up with her. The officer reports his story was hard to follow due to his intoxicated state. When interviewed, the female said they were boyfriend and girlfriend, and that the male is hard to get along with when he’s drunk. She had gotten off work at a local restaurant and came to find the man to take him home, and said she was worried what he would do if she left him there. The officer observed the man to be intoxicated, but was capable and functioning at the time. He told the woman the man doesn’t have to go somewhere he doesn’t want to and neither he nor she could make him. The male subject was able to find another place to stay for the night. The female subject thanked the officer for his help, and said she finally realized she doesn’t need this kind of disrespect and believed the relationship should end. Both parties were sent on their way.

Friday, Oct. 16
All Sales Are Final
The R/O was on off-duty security detail at a Folly Road grocery store around 9 p.m. when he saw the clerk inside the gas station flashing a flashlight at him. The officer recognized this action as a predetermined signal when the clerk needed aid. As the officer approached, he observed a 39-year-old male exiting the store, screaming and cursing and waving his arms in the air. The R/O approached the man and ordered him to stop and stay where he was. At this point, a female exited a parked vehicle and began screaming at the officer, calling him racist and stating he was harassing them because they were black. At this point, the officer called for backup. He attempted to interview the male subject, who was highly agitated and appeared intoxicated. When backup arrived, the R/O interviewed the store clerk to see what had happened. The clerk said the subject had entered the store, bought a scratch-off lottery ticket, left, then came back and tried to return the ticket. When the clerk informed the subject he couldn’t return the ticket, the subject became angry and claimed the clerk was racist and refusing service because he was black. The clerk said he was calling the police and the subject stated, “f*** you, you little b****, call the cops, I’m not afraid of them. I don’t give a f*** about you or the f***ing cops.” After some more allegations of racism and a few other choice words, the subject was placed on trespass notice. He and the female eventually left without further incident.

NOTE: Several burglaries were reported to FBPS throughout the month of October. There were also several reports of attempted burglaries and forced entry, locks and latches unscrewed, etc. If you see or hear suspicious activity, especially to non-owner-occupied rental properties, contact Folly Beach Public Safety at 588-7003.

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