Paint With A Buzz helps you tap into your more creative side … with a cold beer

By Miranda S. Steadman | Contributing Writer

Pablo Picasso believed, “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” For Folly Beach residents, ‘dusting the sand off our soles’ might be a better analogy.

Whether you have artistic talent or not, local artist Briahna Wenke wants everyone to tap into their inner Picasso by bringing Folly residents together in a serene, outdoor setting to harvest their creative confidence. Wenke hosts Paint with a Buzz at Chico Feo every Thursday from 4-6 p.m. Participants are given paint, paintbrushes, easles, canvases, smocks, and creative guidance from Wenke. Dusty souls and sandy feet are welcome.

Between the ocean breeze and spring sun shining through the trees, the group was put at ease amongst the shade of the trees. With groovy tunes and people alike, the event made for a lovely Thursday afternoon spent painting by the sea. Attendees created a blue crab this past class, but art subjects change from week-to-week, with a list of upcoming images online at

An entrepreneur from a young age, Wenke began painting both commercial and residential wall murals by age 16. Wenke moved to Folly Beach in 2014, seeking a new source of inspiration to spark her art career. She has experienced how receptive the Charleston area is to local artists. With pieces displayed in local restaurants and shops, Wenke’s art can be spotted throughout Folly Beach, as well as at the Downtown Charleston Night Market on Friday and Saturday nights and at the Folly Beach Farmers Market on Wednesday evenings. Some of Wenke’s personal work can be viewed at

“My intention is to give people the opportunity to find confidence in trying something new. I constantly hear people tell me they can’t draw a straight line, and so they never gave a thought to pursuing anything artistic,” says Wenke. “Our lives can become so one dimensional and colorless, and many adults are made to believe that this is the way adult life must be. By stepping outside your comfort zone a bit, maybe for the first time in years or for the first time ever, and perhaps by gaining a little confidence after seeing the product of just two hours with a paintbrush, you can open up some very positive possibilities for yourself.”

Wenke has a way of pulling creativity out of everyone who comes to her class. “I’ll bribe you with a cold beer if I have to,” she says.

“This one’s from Bob Ross, but it’s spot on: ‘Talent is, simply, pursued interest’. If you find you like to do something, and do it a lot, you will probably improve at it,” says Wenke. “It’s so simple, yet people make excuses immediately without trying. It is never too late to begin anything, OR to pick up where you left off long ago. The choice is yours.”

Paint With A Buzz attendee and local lover of the arts, Debbie Pustorino, explains, “It’s like meditative therapy, it can be intimidating to a lot of people, but I believe we all have an artist within us and Bri brings it out in a fun atmosphere. It brings people together.”

Gathering every Thursday at Chico Feo, Paint with a Buzz is a wonderful way to kick off the weekend, brushing your worries away with each stroke you make. A great creative outlet for the community, a seat will set you back only $35. It’s great for birthday parties, bachelorette parties, baby showers, and office parties. Wenke makes each event a relaxing and enjoyable time. You can choose a painting from her online gallery or choose a custom one for the group to paint.

Paint With A Buzz is held from 4-6 p.m. every Thursday at Chico Feo, located at 122 E Ashley Ave. For more information, visit

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