Parking on Folly Beach doesn’t have to be a headache, just learn the rules

By Alan Kleinfeld | Contributing Writer

Parking. It’s an issue Public Safety deals with year around, but it grows exponentially every summer, as tourists, visitors and guests drive everything from Hondas to Hummers on to Folly Beach.

If Public Safety had to inform only the approximately 2,400-year-around residents of the parking rules, the issue would be the size of a pea. In no time, everyone would know the rules. For Folly Beach (Public Safety, The City, residents) it’s an unending education because there is a constant flux of new guests arriving.

Paid parking is available at every beach access and the parking on Center Street is free. If people take a chance in the Right of Way (ROW), they have to know the rules, which include:

• No parking on roadway. All four tires must be off the road. If white lines are painted, tires must be inside the white line.
• No parking on sidewalks.
• No blocking public or private driveways.
• No parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant.
• No parking in a crosswalk.
• No stopping, standing, or parking in a roadway.
• No diagonal parking unless posted. All parking must be parallel to the roadway.
• No parking on dunes or revetments.
• No parking against traffic. All vehicles must park with the flow of traffic.
• No parking in handicapped spaces unless visible handicapped license tag or visible permit on vehicle.
• No parking within 20 feet of an intersection.
• No parking on yellow curbs or within areas marked by yellow street lines.
• No parking behind yellow lines.

For a quick, easy rundown, visit the City of Folly’s web site ( has the parking rules listed.

Ignorance of them doesn’t provide an excuse.

The City currently has an ongoing project to paint yellow lines along the intersections where parking is prohibited. But if you let us know about areas that need a no parking sign or yellow paint, you can do so by submitting a request to Public Works online at

City ordinance does allow property owners to request private, no parking signs from the City where they have a compelling need. However, most of the signs in the Right of Way (ROW) are probably unauthorized as the City doesn’t often approve requests for City-issued signs.

City of Folly Beach Mayor Tim Goodwin recently appointed a committee (Council Member Laurie Hull, Zoning Administrator Aaron Pope, and Deputy Chief of Public Safety Steve Mims) to look at parking on the island, and part of their work is considering new recommendations on private signs in the ROW.

Another common issue is illegal obstructions to the ROW, such as plants, posts, signs, etc. These tend to be spread here and there and the City addresses them as we get reports of problems. If you want to report a ROW obstruction, please email and the City will get in touch with the owner to address the problem.

Folly Beach Public Safety can be reached at (843) 588.7003. Please like their Facebook page to be kept informed of activity on the island:

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