Monday, April 3
Stolt Clothes
A 27-year-old woman called Folly Beach Public Safety (FBPS) to report a theft. She said she had been doing her laundry at the West Hudson Avenue Laundromat earlier that day. She left her clothes drying and went home for a few minutes. She returned to find the dryer open, and her clothes and laundry basket missing. She said there were two unidentified females at the laundry when she left. The case is being investigated.

Tuesday, April 4
Jewel Heist
The Responding Officer (R/O) was dispatched to a West Ashley Avenue residence around 9 p.m. in reference to a Break-in. Upon arrival, he met with the 44-year-old female victim who said she had left her residence around 4 p.m., locking the door on her way out. When she returned around 8 p.m., she found the door was still locked, but several items were out of place. She also said a window screen had been removed and the window was open, which hadn’t been when she left. She said she also found a piece of her jewelry on the porch. Further investigation with the R/O present, revealed several items missing, including a $300 suitcase missing from the closet, about 45 pills of Ambien and Xanax, and three credit cards. She also reported her jewelry box containing about $100,000 in jewelry had been stolen. The victim did provide a possible lead: a couple had visited the house a few weeks before. They had said they were considering renting the house after the victim moves out in June. The victim had taken them on a tour of the entire house, including the bedrooms. The victim was able to give the name of the possible suspects.  The investigation continues.

Saturday, April 8
Found Uke
A citizen entered FBPS headquarters around 5:30 p.m. and turned in a Ukulele with a black case that was found at the 3rd Street West Bathhouse. The items were placed into evidence.

Sunday, April 9
Liquor and Cocaine
The R/O was on routine patrol along Center Street around 2:30 a.m. when he was cut off by a Ford F-150. The officer had to slam on brakes to keep from hitting the truck. The officer pulled the truck over and approached the driver. The officer believed the 27-year-old driver to be intoxicated, the man having admitted having a couple of shots and a couple of drinks. The officer administered a series of field sobriety tests, which the subject failed. The man was arrested for Suspicion of Driving Under the Influence, and later blew a .10 on the Breathalyzer. During the arrest and subsequent strip search, officers found a small amount of cocaine on the subject’s person. The subject was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance, Driving Under the Influence Second Offense.

Sunday, April 9
Weird Even For Folly
The R/O was dispatched to an East Ashley Avenue address around 7 a.m. in reference to an assault that occurred the night before. The caller said the 33-year-old male suspect was standing outside in the front yard and was armed. Upon arrival officers found the suspect in the yard and ordered him to raise his hands and get down on the ground. The suspect complied. He was detained and searched and officers found on his person a loaded Sig Sauer P320 handgun. The subject said he had a concealed carry permit, which was later confirmed.

Officers then interviewed the 32-year-old female victim, who had a black eye. She stated the subject had punched her four times in the right eye. She also said the attack was the result of an argument the two had over a third party texting the woman. She also said a sexual assault had taken place between the two parties the night before. She claimed the two of them were having a sexual encounter when the subject began to engage in some posterior play involving an item that included steel balls. The victim said it hurt and told the subject to stop, but he refused. The victim declined to be treated for her injuries.

The subject claimed the black eye was the result of a fight the victim had gotten into at a bar with another person the night before. The victim declined to press charges, and the suspect was released. The gun and steel balls were logged into evidence pending further investigation.

Sunday, April 9
Trying to Get Shot on Folly
The R/O was on routine patrol around 9:30 p.m. when he received a call about a man standing on Center Street screaming at and threatening bystanders and claiming to have a firearm. The R/O drove to the parking lot of The Tides and other bystanders pointed the subject out. The officer pulled up beside the man and attempted to interview him. The officer ordered the man to show his hands, to which the subject replied, “f*** you,” and took off running down West Arctic Avenue. The officer pursued the man on foot. The two of them climbed over multiple fences, and the chase travelled from Arctic to Ashley before the officer cornered the man who was hiding in some bushes. The officer drew his firearm and ordered the man to show his hands. Other officers had arrived by then and surrounded the man, who eventually did show his hands. The man was dragged out of the bush, handcuffed and arrested for Disorderly Conduct and Resisting Arrest. No weapons were found on the man, and he appeared to be distraught and intoxicated. The officers had to put the subject in leg irons and a belly chain for his own safety due to his thrashing about in the back of the police car. The subject was taken to the county jail.

Monday, April 10
Forgotten Gun
A representative of a Folly Beach vacation rental company contacted the FBPS and requested they pick up a firearm that had been left behind by a renter. A 69-year-old male renter from Hendersonville, NC forgot to take his .32 Magnum snub nose revolver, loaded with five shots. The gun owner was contacted and told his gun had been turned over to the police for safekeeping.

Tuesday, April 11
Water Fountain
An officer was dispatched around 10:30 p.m. to Center Street in reference to a report of a water leak. Upon arrival, the officer found a stream of water spraying up from where a public water fountain used to be. Unknown persons by unknown means had ripped out the water fountain, which was lying nearby.

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