Monday, May 1
Serious Problems on East Hudson
The Responding Officer (R/O) was dispatched to an East Hudson Avenue residence around 8 a.m. in reference to found Drug Paraphernalia. Upon arrival, he met with the reporting party, the landlord of the unit, who said he came to the residence to turn over the property, but the previous tenants were still on the scene. The complainant said he assumed the previous tenants had vacated the property, so he entered without knocking. He immediately noticed the home in disarray, with a great deal of damage done to the unit. He also found drug paraphernalia on the floor and above the fireplace. As he waited outside, a woman, later identified as 38-year-old Subject #1, left the home and walked to the Kangaroo station. The R/O arrived with backup, and entered the residence. They observed broken glass on the floor and syringes on the floor and mantle. At that point, 40-year-old Subject #2 entered the room. Asked what had happened, the man said he and Subject #1 had been fighting about him trying to get her to go to rehab. More syringes were found, as well as some white, powdery substance that field-tested positive for cocaine. Subject #2 said the paraphernalia belonged to his girlfriend, and showed the officers that his arms were absent of track marks. A few minutes later, the female subject returned. She asked why the police were making them leave, but appeared to have difficulty understanding what the officer was telling her. Her boyfriend said she was under the influence of an unknown drug. Eventually the scene was cleared, and the subjects vacated the residence.

Tuesday, May 2
He Doesn’t Always Do What He Wants
The R/O was dispatched to McKevlin’s Surf Shop in reference to a Theft. As he was arriving on the scene, he observed a man walking away from the building that matched the suspect’s description. The officer detained the man, and identified him as a 19-year-old from Goose Creek, who admitted he thought about stealing a shirt, but decided not to and left. The store clerk identified the man as the suspect. She also said she had witnessed the man drop the tags and anti-theft device on the floor, and stuff a shirt in his pants. She confronted the suspect about the theft. The man pulled the shirt out of his pants and handed it to her. Before walking out of the store, he told her, “I do what I want.” The suspect was arrested, charged with theft, and taken to jail.

Wednesday, May 3
Folly Beach Intrigue
The R/O was dispatched to The Tides hotel around noon in reference to a case of stolen property. Upon arrival, the officer met with the 32-year-old male victim who said a 32-year-old woman had taken without permission his 2005 BMW 325ci sometime early that morning. He also claimed the woman had stolen $1,500 from him. The man said the woman did not have permission to drive his car, and he wanted to press charges. The victim said he had tried several times to contact the woman, but the suspect had blocked his phone number and his Facebook account. The investigation continues.

Wednesday, May 3
Jansport Remains Popular
A 20-year-old man came to Public Safety headquarters around 1:30 p.m. to report a stolen backpack. The man said he had brought the bag to the beach on April 24, and sometime during the day, the bag, containing his military ID, debit card, a pair of shorts, a t-shirt, a football, and a baseball glove, went missing. The debit card had been used, charged for $1.37, but he had called the bank and cancelled the card. The victim said he wasn’t concerned about the missing property, but needed a police report to replace his military ID.

Thursday, May 4
Stole the Truck, Left the Dog
The R/O was dispatched to the Kangaroo gas station around 1:45 a.m. in reference to a Stolen Vehicle. Upon arrival, he met with a 30-year-old North Carolina man who said he had left his 2006 Chevy Silverado with his dog in the back at a parking lot off Center Street, and when he returned, he found the dog wandering around and the truck missing. The man said he was upset about the incident and had started drinking outside the store to try and cope. During the interview, the officer noticed the man had some cuts on his head, forearms and legs, and what appeared to be airbag particles on his face. The officer contacted dispatch to see if anyone had located a crashed truck. Moments later, word came back that the truck in question had indeed been located off of Center Street crashed into a light pole and totaled. No arrests were made and the case remains open.

Saturday, May 6
A Special Thanks From Our Veterans
The 64-year-old male complainant walked into Public Safety headquarters around 8:30 a.m. to report his golf cart had been stolen. The man said his cart was missing from his West Cooper residence sometime the previous evening. The R/O accompanied the complainant to his home to investigate. There, the R/O got a call from dispatch stating the cart in question had been located near The Washout. Another officer came over the radio at that time saying he had come upon a 23-year-old male the night before driving the same golf cart. At that time, the officer had discussed driving a golf cart at night with the subject, and had given the man a courtesy ride from The Washout to an East Ashley residence. Contact was made with the subject who admitted he stole the golf cart for a joy ride. He said he was intoxicated at the time and had made a stupid mistake. The subject, who is active military, seemed apologetic. The victim, upon hearing the subject was remorseful and a veteran, decided not to press charges as there was no damage done to the golf cart. The subject was notified of this and asked the officer to thank the victim.

Thursday, May 11
Weeding Out Poor Parkers
A 33-year-old man entered Public Safety headquarters around 4 p.m. in reference to a Simple Assault. The man said he was at work at a nearby restaurant when a co-worker came in and said a man was in their back alley searching for the owner of a vehicle. The complainant, who owned the vehicle, went outside to move his car. As he was going to do this, the suspect began yelling at him for parking where he did. The subject then shoved the complainant. The complainant got into his vehicle and left the area, going straight to police headquarters. The complainant said the subject drove a white Toyota pickup truck, had long blonde hair, and was wearing a pink gardening hat. The case is still under investigation.

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