By Alan Kleinfeld | Folly Beach Public Safety

If The City of Folly Beach had to inform only the approximately 2400-year-around residents of the beach and parking rules, the challenge to spread the word would be small, like the size of flip-flop. It no time, everyone would know the rules.

For Folly Beach – our Public Safety, The City, and the residents – it’s a nonstop education because there is a constant flux of new guests arriving.

For visitors and residents alike, here’s a brief rundown on beach and parking rules for Folly Beach. Please help spread the word.

Paid parking is available at every beach access and the parking on Center Street is free.  If people take a chance in the Right of Way (ROW), they have to know the rules, which include:

  • No parking on the road. All four tires must be off the pavement.
  • No parking on sidewalks.
  • No blocking public or private driveways.
  • No parking within 15 feet of a fire hydrant.
  • No parking in a crosswalk.
  • No stopping, standing, or parking in a roadway.
  • All parking must be parallel to the roadway. No diagonal parking unless posted.
  • No parking on dunes or revetments.
  • No parking against traffic. All vehicles must park with the flow of traffic.
  • No parking in handicapped spaces unless visible handicapped license tag or visible permit on vehicle.
  • No parking within 20 feet of an intersection.
  • No parking on yellow curbs or within areas marked by yellow street lines.
  • No parking behind yellow lines.

Folly also has several beach and animal policies in place to help everyone be safe and enjoy the sun and sand:

  • Dogs are not allowed on the beach from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. from May 1 to Sept 30. Otherwise, dogs must always be leashed. No dogs allowed on the pier or the lighthouse inlet. Please pick up after your animal.
  • Glass and alcohol is prohibited at all times on the beach.
  • No plastic, balloons or Styrofoam are allowed.
  • Fireworks or open fires are prohibited.
  • Surfing without a leash is not allowed. From May 15 to Sept 15, no surfing in the “swim zone” from 2nd East to 3rd West.
  • Stay off sand dunes.
  • Do not interfere with sea turtles. Make sure lights along the beach are turned off at dusk.

Finally, please do not litter. You wouldn’t even think it needs mentioning, but every morning, beach patrol hauls so much garbage off the beach, it’s enough to make you cry.

For a quick, easy rundown, visit the City of Folly’s web site:

Ignorance of them doesn’t provide an excuse for tickets that can be as much as $1087. It may seem like overkill, but the rules are in place for a reason and they offer you a place to enjoy your clean, safe, comfortable beach. Enjoy Folly Beach and respect Folly Beach.

Folly Beach Public Safety can be reached at 843.588.7003. Please like their Facebook page to be kept informed of activity on the island:


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