Wednesday, Aug. 2
Excretory Investigation
The Responding Officer (R/O) was dispatched to an East Erie Avenue residence around 9:30 a.m. in reference to suspicious circumstances. Upon arrival, he met with the 33-year-old male complainant, who said he had gone to get into his truck that morning and found a clear plastic container sitting next to his rear left tire. The container held a “yellow-brown-ish color liquid,” which the complainant believed to be urine. The complainant thought it might have been left by an acquaintance with which he has had verbal disagreements. Whatever the case, the mere mention of the phrase “yellow-brown-ish” is a good reminder to all to stay hydrated.

Thursday, Aug. 3
Social Media Leads to Slashing
The R/O was dispatched to a Folly Beach restaurant around 1 a.m. in reference to a case of Malicious Injury to Property. Upon arrival, he met with the 24-year-old female complainant who said the front right tire on her car, the front right tire of her friend’s car, and the front right tire of her other friend’s car had been slashed. The complainant said that she had been at the restaurant earlier in the evening, and posted photos of her and her friends there on Facebook. The complainant believed her 30-year-old ex-boyfriend, who she has a restraining order against, saw the photos, came to Folly Beach, located their cars along 2nd Street West, and slashed their tires. The investigation is ongoing.

Thursday, Aug. 3
Theft & Recovery
A 70-year-old Folly Beach man entered police headquarters around 2 p.m. to report the theft of his yellow canoe from under his garage. The victim was unable to provide a time frame of the theft, but said his brother had recently refinished the seat. The victim said he was driving by Money Man Pawn that day and seen a similar canoe outside for sale. Upon closer inspection, he found the item had the same refinished seat. The clerk inside said he would have to involve the police to get the canoe back. Investigators were scheduled to follow up with the victim and the pawnshop.

Monday, Aug. 7
Swine Swindled
The R/O was dispatched to a Shadow Race Lane residence around 2 p.m. in reference to an art theft. The 61-year-old female victim said she had a large concrete statue of a pig in her front yard, and at some point over the weekend, the statue went missing. It is approximately 1.5 feet tall, 2 feet long, and valued at $100. The victim had no idea who might have stolen the item. The case remains under investigation.

Wednesday, Aug. 9
Possible Date Rape Drugging
The R/O was approached by the 25-year-old female complainant around 3:30 p.m. The woman said she wasn’t feeling right. She said she had a few drinks at a Folly Beach restaurant where she works, and dinner and a few drinks at another restaurant later. She claimed she was feeling way more intoxicated than she should. The complainant said she had given a male friend a ride home that afternoon, but never took any drinks from him, or anyone else unknown. The complainant said she would get a family member to take her to MUSC for a toxicology report, and bring it back to police upon completion.

Sunday, Aug. 13
Confederate Flag Activists Confronted
The R/O was on Center Street around 7 a.m. observing pro-Confederate Flag rallyers holding flags. He witnessed a white truck pull into the street in front of the group and a man stick his head out the window and say something to the activists. The R/O moved to investigate, and saw the subject, a 36-year-old Folly Beach resident, get out of his car and approach a man in the group. He saw the subject attempt to slap the flag out of the man’s hands. The R/O intervened, and placed the subject under arrest for Disorderly Conduct. The subject stated he regretted his actions. He was issued a citation for $1,087 and a court date.

Monday, Aug. 14
One Helluva Bender
The R/O was dispatched to a West Cooper address around 1:15 a.m. in reference to a possible stolen vehicle and assault. Upon arrival, he met with the 29-year-old male complainant, who said his truck was stolen. The man said he was certain he had parked it at this address where he used to live, and now it was gone. While interviewing the subject, the officer noticed the man had a fresh laceration on his head above his eyebrow. The injury appeared to be a few hours old, and the victim appeared intoxicated. After further investigation, the man’s truck was located on Arctic Avenue. The victim had the keys, and there was no indication the vehicle had been tampered with. After further review, the officer determined the man had probably fallen and hit his head on the sidewalk, and forgotten where he parked. The victim declined medical attention, and was called a cab to take him back to Mt. Pleasant.

Tuesday, Aug. 15
Frenemies Visit Folly
The R/O was directed by the Folly Beach Police Chief who was near the scene to check out three people sitting in the middle of the sidewalk on Center Street at West Erie panhandling. The officer approached the party, two males and a female, and identified them through their Colorado state-issued driver’s licenses. Upon further investigation, the officer found that the 37-year-old female had an active order of protection out against one of the males, issued by the State of Colorado. The man was arrested for being in violation of the order and taken to jail.

Monday, Aug. 21
Bachelorette Party Blues?
The R/O was dispatched to a Mariner’s Cay residence around 8 p.m. in reference to a Domestic Disturbance. Upon arrival, he met with two women, ages 21 and 23, who said a third woman, age 27, was being a problem and needed to leave, but couldn’t drive. The two complainants said the subject was heavily intoxicated, that they had all been arguing, and at some point the subject threw a cup of water on one of the women, and tackled the other in the yard. Officers made contact with the subject, who was inside the residence. She admitted to being in a verbal altercation with the other two women over personal comments made to one another. She agreed it would be best if she left, and accompanied officers to headquarters until her parents could come pick her up.

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