I first met Bonne Isenhour about a decade ago when I had the chanced to sit next to her at the Crab Shack, and as I recall we became fast friends and by a few drinks we were solving all the world’s problems.

Isenhour is always a pleasure to talk to, and you may have thought so yourself while she was taking photographs at a Folly event, making sandwiches at the Subway, or most recently, working in customer service at our Harris Teeter. She is a proud mother of two, a son and a daughter, and she has five grandchildren, many with hair as red as her own.

Like many Folly residents, Isenhour is a true creative who loves crafts, dancing, and baking especially of taking pictures. You can check out her portfolio and book her for your family portraits at www.bonneseyes.com, or you can contact her through facebook. Below is part of a recent conversation I had with Isenhour.

Folly Current: How did you find your way to Folly Beach?
I was born in Pennsylvania, and grew up in Virginia for the most part.  I became a military wife, and that’s how I ended up moving to the Charleston area around 1992.  When I found myself newly single about 14 years ago, I moved to Folly Beach, where I found a cute little cottage on the east side.  I’ve been on the island in various locations ever since. I live with my furbaby, Maggie Pie, a Yorkie that just turned 14.

FC: What is your favorite thing about the island?
I’m attracted to all the different cultures, and different kind of people.  You can be anything you want to be here, there is an abundance of diversity, yet everyone is friendly.  From hippies to the homeless to millionaires, they all hang out with each other and everyone looks out for one another.  If someone gets sick, there is a benefit to help them.  It is just a good community.

FC: How did you get involved in photography, and what is your favorite subject to photograph? 
BI: I was a photographer for Santa Claus!  Around 1994, I took a job as “Santa’s Helper” taking photos of children sitting on his lap.  Everyone commented on how good I was working with children and taking pictures, and suggested I should do it professionally! So I started taking school  pictures and worked for 3 major studios, and finally branched off and started doing it on my own. So my favorite subjects to photograph are children and families.  I love capturing the innocence of a young child.

FC: You come from a large family of redheads, What rumors are true about redheads? Not true? 
BI: I do believe we are more sensitive, but I don’t think we all have fiery tempers.  I mean, I do. But not every one does.

5. What is one thing your neighbors would be surprised to know about you?
BI: I was a go-go dancer when I was young and lived in California, and I loved it!

Writer Miranda Stonecypher is a local musician, mother, and freelance writer. To reach her, you can email her at mirandaalicejordan@gmail.com.

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