Folly Green Team wants kids to tell their parents to stop trashing our beach

By Lorne Chambers | Editor

The Folly Green Team has been working on an anti-litter campaign that targets kids, hoping that the youngsters will help deliver the message to their parents to not leave trash on the beach. The way they’re doing this is with fun signs at the beach walkovers that are geared towards children. Like a cartoon dolphin who says “It’s up to you. Keep our beach clean!” There’s also one with a ghost crab that says “Litter makes me crabby!” And one with a loggerhead turtle that proclaims “Plastic plugs me up!” Folly Green Team founder Teresa Marshall calls the characters on the sign “Litter Critters”

“It’s our mission to educate residents, but especially the guests by targeting the youth,” says Marshall, who is a retired school teacher. Just last month Marshall and her fellow Green Team members created five more signs and placed them at beach walkovers (four on the west side and one on the east side).

Marshall, who also servers on City Council, says that in all there are 56 walkovers, including mid-point right of ways, and right now they have Litter Critter signs at about 25 of them. She hopes to have one at every walkover in the near future.

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