the Offseason means Locals get their island back, and some great deals

by Jessica Cobb | Contributing Writer

Welcome to February on Folly Beach, y’all! Where parking is a breeze and the beach is wide open to those of us brave enough to stand a little chilly sandblast. Colder temperatures in the offseason of our small beach town tend to mean a quiet life in the food and beverage world. Fortunately for the locals, some of our favorite restaurants are ready to cater to us during this time, offering specials and discounts to not only drive a little more business but also to give people a chance to try new menu items. 

Loggerhead’s Beach Grill is at the top of our list of places to check out, especially on Wednesdays. They have appropriately labeled the evening as a “Local Social Dinner,” with half-priced bottles of wine to go along with a fantastic menu of affordably priced meals that change every week. There is also live jazz music by Eric Penrod on Wednesdays, so if you find yourself lounging at the bar you can easily have an evening with chill music, good food, and great wine pairings all at once. 

“Honestly, we did it to give the chef a chance to show off and have some fun,” says Loggerhead owner Ed Iames. That chef is Corey “Stormy” Storm and every Wednesday he makes a slate of dishes that you wouldn’t expect from a beachside restaurant. Iames says he gives Strom free rein to come up with the “Locals Social” dishes.

Some of the menu offerings so far this year have included Lobster Mac & Cheese, Mushroom Gnocchi, Nashville Hot Chicken, Oysters and Grits, Shrimp Burger,  Bouillabaisse, and Shrimp Curry.

“Most Wednesday we get a group of people and it’s just nice because people take time to talk and say hi to each their neighbors. And with the jazz, it’s just really conducive to that kind of conversation,” Says Iames. 

Locals Social Dinner goes through mid-March. In addition to this, Loggerhead’s also hosts Soup-er Tuesday this time of year, where a trio of house-made soups and a salad will only run you $6.99. 

Another night not to miss is the local’s favorite Spaghetti Tuesday at Planet Follywood. Mama Flo whips up her famous spaghetti with meat sauce every week, and it’s absolutely free to guests with the purchase of one alcoholic beverage. It starts at 7:30 p.m., and if you stick around a little later you can join in on Open Mic Night at 9:30 p.m.

St. James Gate is also on board with winter specials, offering their “Dine for Nine” menu that typically runs Monday-Friday, 4-7 p.m. Here you’ll find classic Irish dishes such as Guinness Lamb Stew and Fish & Chips for only $9… enjoy an early bird dinner and cap it off with their Hot Buttered Rum or Spiked Irish Coffee. 

Wherever you choose to dine out on Folly during this tame time of year, we just thank you for supporting our small, local businesses and the staff that works year round to serve you and to keep you full and happy. Don’t worry, warmer weather and colder drinks are just around the corner! 

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