The Baltimore Bomb pie is a real conversation Starter

By Katie Wells | Contributing Writer

I’ve never thought too much about pie. Growing up in the South, pie is likely to be found at every potluck table, family gathering or Sunday supper, but it’s never been my thing.

When pondering my dessert choices, I’ve always chosen cake or cookie, flan or custard, even éclair or cannoli, over pie. But, it’s always around, lurking as a homegrown choice on the menu.

Why my aversion for pie? The canned fruit, dripping in syrupy sweet juice, is the filling from the pies of my childhood. I spent my high-school years working in a cafeteria, doling out the sugary sweet fruit-filled pies to patrons with a penchant for complaining about portion sizes and prices. Thus, I gave up on pie.

But it turns out there is a world of pie out there, as I discovered on a recent trip to Washington, D.C. The hubs and I were strolling through a hipster area of town when we stumbled on a store called Dangerously Delicious Pies. Suddenly, I was intrigued by pie. I wanted to know more.

This was no ordinary pie shop! They feature savory pies, sweet pies and pies I’ve never even imagined! My pie-partner-in-crime tried a savory steak pie. I thought I’d just try a bit of his, but I overheard a server describing the Baltimore Bomb, a pie loaded with cookies melted into a vanilla chess pie. I needed to try this pie, so I ordered one…entire pie, by accident.

A miscommunication between myself and the server resulted in me ordering an entire pie and proceeding to carry it around D.C. with me for two days. I could not part with my pie.

First of all, I couldn’t part with it because it was the best damn pie I’d ever tasted! Second, pie isn’t cheap. At least not a pie of this caliber. And third, this pie was a conversation starter!

After our pie stop, we made a wine stop (hello, logical sequence of events!) At the wine and cheese stop, everyone wanted to know about our pie. Later that night, back at the hotel, the pie was the perfect late night snack. The next day, as we made our way through TSA at the airport, all I had was my purse and my pie. The normally grumpy officers were delighted by the sight of pie going through the security screening. Our flight attendant went nuts when he saw we had a box of pie from Dangerously Delicious Pies.

So, I’ve learned that pie is pretty awesome. It’s delicious, versatile and a real way to connect with other people, because apparently, most people love pie! So, now that I’ve finished my Baltimore Bomb, I’m looking for new pies to try. Share your favorite pie recipe with me at Until then, happy eating!

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