Tend To It and It Will Thrive

Hello Folly Friends, Family and those just taking a peek under the hood. I’d like to take a moment to talk about the power of nurturing. I’m not just talking about landscaping and such, there is no better way to sow positive results than tending to something and watching it grow. It can be your health, a hobby, a career path, friendships and relationships, etc. The process may seem slow, but the long-term effects are well worth it. Great things take time and nurturing effort to come about. That nagging sense of doubt we all have may be saying, “But Charlie, I’ve tried planting my garden several times and everything has died off sooner or later!” Well, we’ve all had that happen and what is important is what you learn from the experience. Did you give up trying to ride a bike the first time you fell, or were you more careful and learned from the mistake? After you design and create something, then comes the process of nurturing it. Are the plants responding well or do they need more or less water and light? Is the diet or lifestyle change you’re undertaking showing results or does it need more attention? Learning a musical instrument? Nurture your knowledge with practice and exposure to others on the same journey. When you make time for family or plans with a friend you haven’t seen in a while you are nurturing that relationship. When you volunteer for things in your local community you are pouring life into your town. Heck, at this very moment I am nurturing my writing typing up this article, (yes, I know I need a lot of work, haha) So in closing, tend to it and it will thrive!

Aloha fine people and I hope that your June is filled with Nurture, Nature and the knowledge that you are making progress along your path.

Charlie Stonecypher is the owner of Suncoast Irrigation and Landscaping. They specialize in products that work  smart without wasting resources.  Contact him at (843) 327-8642 or email suncoastirrigation@gmail.com.

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