Why I Do The Plunge (and why you should)

Hello People of 2020! I hope everyone has enjoyed, (or survived in some cases) the holidays. I thought I would take a break from my monthly grass roots movement on the landscape industry, (pun intended) and talk about my 2nd favorite day on Folly Beach each year, (my number one favorite day being The Surfer’s Healing event in August) the “polar” plunge. For those of you just now falling off the cabbage truck it’s the first day of every year when everybody gathers down by the Folly Beach pier and jumps into the ocean. There are all walks of life and some really cool costumes and funny things going on. As more people gather, the intensity increases until there’s a low roar from all the people getting psyched up and then charging headlong into the icy surf. The energy is so intense personally for me I don’t even feel the cold until I come back out. It also helps me metaphorically and physically wash away the stink of the year prior. I realize the futility of You, the Reader seeing this article after it occurred but I thought I’d get you amped for next year. We’ve had many warm days on these plunges and have been lucky but I’d like to briefly tell you about a few years ago when it was actually cold outside. The names of people have been withheld to protect the innocent (and not so innocent.)

After a pre-plunge gathering at a local residence, my motley crew of companions and I strolled down to the beach feeling confident (partially to imbibed spirits) in our various get-ups. I had a robe covering my surf trunks, flip flops on, a Mexican wrestling mask (a Luchadore for you other gringos) and a waterproof ukulele. I played, “Evil Ways,” by Carlos Santana on my uke as we sauntered down the ramp to the sand. As I entered the line up I did my best warrior psyche up to get me ready…”This, Is, Sparta!” We all ran into the water having a blast and I even dove underneath the waves. However, when we got out a strong, brisk wind came up all of a sudden and within 30 seconds my hands and feet were crazy with pain. To top it off I couldn’t find my robe for 5 minutes. Needless to say I walked to the event confident like Ric Flair and hobbled back sniffing and trembling, clutching my painful claws of hands all the way back. Ah, the memories. See ya soon.

Charlie Stonecypher is the owner of Suncoast Irrigation and Landscaping. They specialize in products that work smart without wasting resources. Contact him at (843) 327-8642 or email suncoastirrigation@gmail.com.

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